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  • Sell digital downloads

Buy or sell all digital products: graphics Designs, music, eBooks, audiobooks, poetry, podcast, beats, pdfs etc.

  • Fast & secure delivery

We’ll deliver your products fast and safe, regardless of the format or number of orders.

  • Vendor Shops

Sell via your own personal shop on Nsay Digita. Let your customers access all your digital product via one convenient shop link.

  • Analyze & manage

Your vendor dashboard shows all transactions. You get alerted via email every time you have a sale. Make withdrawals anytime you want.

How our platform Works.

Join forces with talented creators around the world

Register as a vendor

Signup as a Vendor.  Once your registration is complete, your selling account is reviewed by one of our agents. If all information checks up, your selling privileges would be unlocked

Upload Your Product

Start Uploading your digital products following the recommendations required for the digital product type. See FAQ

Customers Buy Product

When customers checkout, all funds are reflected on your vendor dashboard. Make withdrawals anytime you want.

We Securely Deliver Files.

Kick back! Relax. Have a cup of coffee. We deliver your files for you automatically.

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